Rakaia Gorge(ous)

Sorry for a delay in posting! I’ve been lazy, really, and just haven’t posted! I have quite a backlog of photos to share, and a ~video~ in the works, as well. 

WAYYY back on April 1st, Mark and I went on a little day trip to the Rakaia Gorge and the Rakaia Gorge Walkway. It’s about 50 miles from Christchurch. We only did about an hour out, and an hour back, but we could have gone for much longer (the whole thing is like 4 hrs). It was perfect weather, and here’s some pics!

This bridge was finished in 1882.



Later that day we got pizza (if you know me at all you aren’t surprised about this) and we found some FAMILIAR BEERS! Check these out (and their prices!):

Ya’ll might be like “okay yeah, a craft beer from Michigan.” BUT HOMIES GET THIS: YOU LITERALLY NEVER SEE ANY BEERS LIKE THIS IN NZ. FOUNDERS!!! FROM GRAND RAPIDS!!! You might see some European beers, but not a lot of American beers other than the typical Budweiser crap. That being said, we didn’t think it was worth it to spend thaaaat much on one beer. Still pretty cool! Still waiting to see Harpoon here…


Looking forward to posting more soon!




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