Day Trippin’

Today in the adventures of the unemployed and relatively bored, Mark and I made our way out of CHCH south to Birdlings Flat.
Along the way, we stopped at the Kaituna Scenic Reserve, at the recommendation of Rob, Mark’s stepdad, who grew up in the area! It was the most perfect day with cloudless skies and approximately 80 degree F weather. Mark’s mum is letting me borrow her wicked nice digital camera, so it was fun to play around with that, and I think I got some decent photos! Check em’ out:

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You can’t swim at Birdlings Flat beach or at the Kaitorete (pronounced kai-tor-ee-tee) Spit because the tide is sooo dangerous – literally tourists ignore this every year and people die there every year. But anyway, we just chilled and ate our Whole30 approved salad lunches, made fun of tourists for taking photos of seagulls, proceeded to take photos of said seagulls anyway, and did some rock hunting! There’s amazing rocks there, and that’s one of the main reasons I wanted to come here today 🙂 I also got a little sunburnt, but I can’t complain because I know full well that the NZ sun is stronger here than almost anywhere else because of a thinner ozone as well as something having to do with location to sun and rotational axis or something like that, AND I STILL chose to abstain from sunscreen on most of my appendages.

The Kaituna Valley Scenic Reserve was fun; it was a ~10 min walk through a preserved forest-type thing, and we could hear what we thought were bellbirds or a tui (tu-ee), which are both native birds. We also had a fantail following us around (yes, you read that correctly); Mark said that they do that as they’re really friendly little birds. There’s a photo of one above; they got about 2 feet away from us, just hopping around on branches.

Here’s some more photos of the day:

Mark starts classes next week, so we’re just trying to do some fun things before that gets going. We were able to catch up with some friends last night as well which was really good!

That’s all for now, cheers!


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