Travis Wetlands, etc.

This past weekend, aside from doing WHOLE30 PREP (literally so many groceries), Mark and I went walking in the Travis Wetlands which is nearby to our house. We’d been here in 2015, but since this is a restoration-type park (trying to get the lands back to its native state), it actually looked different–better and more natural. They do a lot of planting of native plants and had recently done a lot as you can see in some of these pictures. We like coming here because there are a lot of pukekos and they’re so weird and funny and cool!

You can’t really see in these photos, but they’ve got deep blue colored chests and red beaks and some long weird toe things. They’re entertaining to watch and Mark and I are simple folks so we enjoy them!

Here are some more photos of the wetlands:

It’s like a 4km walk around the wetlands so it’s perfect for a Sunday afternoon stroll.

On Saturday, we went to 4 grocery stores in order to find all the shit food we needed for our first week of Whole30. The public health freak in me got stoked when I saw these at the regular grocery store we went to -Countdown:


“Confectionary Free checkout”
Free fruit for kids to snack on and a candy free check out lane!
So happy to see these little things at the store; I don’t have kids (OBVIOUSLY) but I appreciate this so much!

All for now, folks.






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