Readjusting to Kiwi Life

Kia ora = good day/welcome (pronounced like this). I’ve been back and forth about doing this blog, because I didn’t (and don’t still) know if I’ll be interesting enough to keep it up BUT we’ll see how it goes! Bear with me as I figure out my online ~vibe~ and this blogging site! 


Mark and I have been in Christchurch (henceforth referred to as CHCH) for
8 days now; the jet lag & wedding hangover have subsided, and we’re mostly settled in, living at Mark’s parents house.
We were so happy to make it back to CHCH in time for Mark’s friend Blake’s wedding (we had been in the country for approx. 30 hours before the wedding!), as it was a lovely ceremony, and really fun to catch up with Mark’s old mates from SHIRLEY BOYS HIGH SCHOOL- yes, the real name.

There’s a ton of construction going on (this is Christchurch in general; still rebuilding from the big 2011 ‘quake. Check this out for deets) with the lots at the back of our house being turned into a park because the land got ‘red-zoned’ (not suitable for living because of unstable, major earthquake damage-prone  ground or something like that). So as far as I can tell, they’re using massive hydraulic machinery to drill down and they’re filling it with shingle or shale, which I presume is a ‘quake damage prevention technique. img_0021The road in the front is also shut off because they’re diverting the creek (or something like that-there’s a theme where I don’t really know what’s going on) for the little park they’re making. So this means it’s pretty loud and the whole house shakes during the weekdays, but we’ve gotten used to it at this point.

We haven’t done too much yet, except catch up with Mark’s family and friends. Hopefully a day trip this weekend, HOWEVER, on Monday, we’re beginning the Whole30 (aka this), so most of our lives the next 30 days will be filled with meal planning, meal prep, cooking, and longing for sugar, cheese, and bread. To prep, we’ve been trying out recipes and cutting out added sugar (which SUCKS to do, by the way). Here’s a photo of the spinach, tomato & onion frittata we made today that was actually amazing (with lemon zest and lemon juice squeezed over it… yummm).
Also this week, I applied for my NZ drivers license; terrifyingly enough, I didn’t have to take a road test, or a written test… $53, a ridiculously simple vision test, and copies of my US license and passport, I’m free to be on the open Kiwi road again… Yeh right, Mark’s driving for the next few weeks! Maybe I’ll drive around a parking lot or something. And while yes, I did drive here last time and would easily be able to pick it back up, I prefer to be chauffeured around 🙂
On Monday night, there were massive fires that started on the Port Hills, about 12 miles from us. As far as I’ve heard, there were 11 homes that were damaged, and 1 death. It’s been pretty intense, and a state of emergency was declared. It rained today, so hopefully that helped with some of the smoldering fires.

View of the smoke from the fires from in front of our house

Here’s some miscellaneous photos from our last week:












That’s all for now folks. I’ll leave my fellow Americans with this tidbit that many find shocking: Kiwis don’t necessarily wear shoes when they’re going out to shops (e.g. you can be in the grocery store and a grown man is next to you looking at bell peppers that cost $2.25NZD and he’s barefoot). Keep in mind, this isn’t the majority of people at all, BUT IT DOES HAPPEN. It really grossed me out in the past, but I think this time around I need to embrace it. Obviously I’ll update if/when that happens.

Thanks for reading! Light and love to all x


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